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How to gule a strain gauge
Dec 07, 2017

How to gule a strain gauge

The series strain gauge designed specially for high-precision stress analysis.As its micro structure, please note that as below to measure accurately:                                     

1) The environment of strain gauge bonding,temperature & humidity must be less 25°C & 60%RH respectively;        2) Use 300# sand paper to grind the gauging area,the grinding trace should be about 45 degree with the axis of strain gauge,and the trace should be vertically intersected.The grinding area must be larger than outline size of strain gauge.And clean the gauging area with organic solvent; 

3) Use a brush dip in bonding glue,uniformity and a certain direction form a thin coat on the back of strain gauge and gauging area,to avoid the bonding glue flow to the obverse of strain gauge;   

4) According to the marking line,bond the strain gauge on the bonding area.To cover the strain gauge with PTFE film,and press it with thumb for 1 min.,pls take away PTFE film later; 

5) Testing must be in 2 hours after finish the strain gauge bonding;                             

6) During the whole operation,to avoid the obvious stress on leadwire and solder terminal.Otherwise,leadwire or solder terminal should be break off.Please fixed the leadwire well.