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How to select a load cell
Oct 19, 2017

How to select a load cell

The sensitivity, the maximum degree and the minimum calibration value of the weighing sensor are also the indexes to be considered in the load cell selection.

Number and capacity of load cell

The choice of the number of load cells is based on the use of electronic weighing apparatus, the scale of the need to support the points (support points should be based on the scale of gravity and the actual gravity of the principle of coincidence) determined. Generally speaking, the scale has several support points to select a few load cells.

The range selection of the load cell can be determined according to the maximum weighing value of the scale, the number of load cells selected, the weight of the weighing body, the maximum load and the dynamic load factor comprehensive evaluation. An empirical formula that has been validated by a large number of experiments is given below.

The formula is as follows:


C----Rated capacity of a single load cell

W--Weighing body weight

Wmax--The maximum value of the net weight of the object

N--The number of support points adopted by the weighing body

K0--Safety, generally take 1.2 ~ 1.3

K1--Impact coefficient

K2--Gravity shift coefficient of the weighing body

K3--Wind pressure coefficient

Use environment

he weighing sensor is actually a kind of converting the mass signal into a measurable electrical signal output device. The sensor is the first to consider the actual working environment of the sensor, which is crucial to the correct selection of sensors, it is related to the normal operation of the sensor and its safety and service life, and even the reliability and security of the entire weighing apparatus. Under normal circumstances, the high-temperature environment of the sensor caused by the coating material melting, the problems of the welding point culture and the structure change of the stress in the elastic body, the influence of the dust and damp on the short circuit of the sensor, the damage of the sensor elastomer or the short-circuit phenomenon can be caused by the high corrosive environment; the electromagnetic field will interfere with the output of the sensor. Under the corresponding environmental factors, we must select the corresponding weighing sensor to meet the necessary weighing requirements.

Accuracy Level Selection

The accuracy level of the weighing sensor includes the nonlinearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis, sensitivity and other technical indexes of the load cell.

Application scope and use

For example, the aluminum alloy cantilever beam load cell is suitable for the electronic price scale, platform scale, Hing, etc. the steel cantilever beam load cell is suitable for the electronic belt scale, the sorting scale and so on; the steel bridge type load cell is suitable for the railroad scale, the automobile balance and so on; the column sensor is suitable for the truck scales, the dynamic railroad track, the big tonnage hopper weigher and so on. Weighing sensor is mainly used in various electronic weighing apparatus, industrial control field, on-line control, security overload alarm, material testing machine and other fields. such as electronic truck scale, electronic platform scale, electronic forklift, dynamic axle weighing scales, electronic hook scales, electronic weighing scales, electronic steel scales, electronic railway scale, hopper scales, batching scales, canned scales and so on.