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Load Cell Installation Considerations
Oct 20, 2017

Load Cell Installation Considerations

1. Taking care of the load cell, especially for the use of alloy aluminum material as a small capacity sensor elastomer, any vibration caused by the impact or fall, are likely to cause very large output error.

2. The design of loading device and installation should ensure that the load force of the function of the force of the sensor axis overlap, so that the tilt load and eccentric load to minimize the impact.

3. In the level of adjustment. If you are using a weighing sensor, the mounting plane of its base shall be adjusted to the level of the horizontal instrument, and if it is measured at the same time by multiple sensors, the mounting surface of the base should be kept as high as possible in order to ensure that the power of each sensor is basically consistent.

4.Determine the rated load of the sensor in accordance with the range of the weighing sensor in its description.

5.To prevent chemical corrosion. The exterior surface of the sensor is coated with Vaseline. Should avoid sun direct drying and environmental temperature drastic change in the use of the field.

6.A bypass device for adding a copper braided wire to the load cell at both ends of the weighing sensor.

7.Cable line should not be lengthened, in the actual need to increase the length should be at the junction of solder, and add moisture-proof sealant.

8.It is best to use some baffles around the weighing sensor to cover the sensor. The purpose of this method is to prevent the debris from falling into the moving part of the sensor and affect its measurement accuracy.

9.The cable line of the sensor should be far away from the strong power line or the place with pulse wave, and the cable line of the weighing sensor should be put into the iron pipe alone and shorten the connection distance as far as possible.

10.According to the weighing sensor range selected in its description to determine the rated load of the sensor used, the weighing sensor, although itself with a certain overload capacity, but in the installation and use of the process should try to avoid this situation. Sometimes a short time overload can also cause permanent damage to the sensor.

11.In the case of high precision, the sensor and instrument should be used after warm-up for 30 minutes.