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Miniature Load Cell

Miniature Load Cell

LCT LAM-I3 load cell mainly used for pocket scale,electronic balance.It is a aluminum construction load cell with surface anodized.

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Product Details


Model: LAM-I3

Brand: LCT

Capacity:: 150,200,300,500,1000g

Usage:: pocket scale,electronic balance

Dimension:: 6.5*15.5*50mm


  • parellel bending beam/miniature load cells

  • capacity:150g,...,1000g

  • accuracy:0.05%R.O.

  • low profile

  • micro structure

  • aluminum construction with surface anodized

  • environment protection class:IP65


  • pocket scales

  • kitchen scales

  • postage scales

  • portable scales

  • jewellery scales

  • small balances

  • other platform scales

  • coffee machine weighing systems




Electronical Connection


Technical Data

Rated Capacity150, 200, 300, 500, 1000 (g)
Accuracy ClassS
Rated Output 1.0 ± 20%mV/V
Zero Balance± 0.1 mV/V
Input Resistance1130±20Ω
Output Resistance1000±10Ω
Linearlty Error±0.05%R.O.
Repeatability Error±0.05%R.O.
Hysteresis Error±0.05%R.O.
Creep in 2 Min.±0.05%R.O.
Temp.Effect on Output±0.05%R.O./10℃
Temp.Effect on Zero±2%R.O./10℃
Compensated Temp.Range0-+40℃ 
Excitation,Recommended≤ 6VDC
Operating Temp.Range-10-+40℃ 
Safe Overload150%R.C.
Insulation Resistance≥2000MΩ(50VDC)
Cable,Lengthø0.6mm×0.1m *
Protection ClassIP65

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