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LCT Strain Gauges
Jan 11, 2018


LCT strain gauges

LCT strain gauges grid material is constantan foil and evanohm foil.The carrier material is phenolic.The following items are the LCT strain gauge characteristics.

1.High Accuaracy

Suitable for the precision 0.02-level load cells, can sense 0.1 μ m strain of the weak change. Special carrier ensures good nonlinearity and hysteresis performance. 

2.Good flexibility

Good toughness, easy to paste. Greatly reduce operation damage rate, improve yield. Greatly reduce the cost of production. 

3.Temperature Compensation,Creep

Compensation of temperature, creep help us more accurate measurement, benefit for production of load cells.

4.Sealing structure

For long-term stability measurement, we have sealed every product. 

LCT strain gauges applied for high accuracy load cells, good supplier of domestic load cell companies. Exported to USA,Russia.Strain Gauge for stress analysis in electronic,machinery ,bridge etc.