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The Chinese Load Cell Development Trends And Challenges
Oct 31, 2017

The Chinese load cell development trends and challenges

The advent of the technological revolution, the world began to enter the information age. In the process of using information, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and sensors are the main ways and means to obtain information in the field of nature and production, in the process of modern industrial production, especially in automation production, we should use various weighing sensors to monitor and control the parameters in the production process. Make the equipment work in a normal or optimal state, and make the product reach the best quality. So it can be said that without many excellent sensors, modern production has lost its foundation.

In the research of basic discipline, the sensor has a prominent position, the development of modern science and technology has entered many new fields: for example, in macroscopic observation of the vast universe of thousands of light-years, microscopic observation of the particle world of small to CM, the longitudinal observation of the hundreds of thousands of-year-old celestial evolution, short to s instantaneous reaction, in addition, Also appeared to deepen the material understanding, pioneering new energy, new materials, such as the important role of various extreme technology research, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high vacuum, ultra-high magnetic field, super weak magnetic Dangshan and so on.

Obviously, to obtain information that is not directly accessible to a large number of human senses, there is no suitable weighing sensor is impossible, many basic scientific research obstacles, the first lies in the acquisition of object information is difficult, and some new mechanisms and high sensitivity of the detection of the emergence of sensors, often lead to breakthroughs in the field, some of the development of sensors , often a pioneer in the development of marginal disciplines.

Weighing sensors have long penetrated into industrial production, universe development, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resource investigation, medical diagnostics, bioengineering, and even cultural relics protection, and so on, can not be overstated, from the vast space, to the vast ocean, to a variety of complex engineering systems, almost every modernization project, All kinds of sensors are inseparable.

The sensor industry in China is in the key stage of the development from traditional type to new type sensor, it embodies the general trend of new-type sensor to miniaturization, multifunction, digitization, Intellectualization, systematization and network development. Sensor technology after years of development, the development of its technology can be divided into three generations:

The first generation is a structural sensor that uses structural parameter changes to feel and transform signals.

The second generation is a solid-state sensor developed in the 70 's, which consists of solid elements such as semiconductors, dielectric materials and magnetic materials, which are made of certain properties. such as: Using thermoelectric effect, Hall effect, photosensitive effect, respectively, made of thermocouple sensors, Hall sensors, photosensitive sensors.

The third generation sensor is a newly developed intelligent sensor, which is a combination of microcomputer technology and detection technology, which makes the sensor have certain artificial intelligence.

Data show that at present, China's sensor products about 6000 species, and foreign countries have reached more than 20,000, far from meeting the domestic market demand. High-end sensor imports accounted for 80%, sensor chip imports are up to 90%, the domestic gap is huge. Among them digital, intelligent, miniaturization and other High-tech products serious shortage. High-end products of national major equipment are mainly dependent on imports. The sensors and intelligent instruments that involve national security and major projects are often restricted in foreign countries.

The sensor technology industry has a strong penetration, and its lagging development has restricted the promotion of new industries in our country. As the overall strength of sensor technology in China is still weak, a short period of time to seek a comprehensive breakthrough fear of reality. Therefore, the development of sensor technology should first strive for a breakthrough in the local, master a group of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, through these key areas of breakthrough radiation driven industrial progress. In fact, China's sensor industry in some areas has formed an advantage. First, the application of science and technology, Yuan Yuan and other enterprises in ultra-high RF RFID products occupy 90% of the domestic market share. According to the Hunan Financial Securities Research Report, Hanwei electronic gas sensor domestic market share also up to 60%, gas detection instrumentation market share of 9%.

In many applications, although the sensor is an indispensable key device, but it can only rely on large industrial systems exist, in many areas often need to tailor-made, a number of individual field market size is not large, so enterprises should not blindly pursue the scale.

With the expansion of the market, weighing sensor manufacturers have gradually become more up, how to do better in the market, it is not difficult to analyze, only in the continuous improvement of the sensor technology and services to walk at the top of the market. With the advent of the new technological revolution, China and the whole world are entering into a completely different information age. In the process of using information, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is the main way and means to obtain the information in the natural and production fields.

In modern industrial production and automated production process, the need to use a variety of weighing sensors to monitor and control the production process of various parameters, weighing the function of the sensor is to make the equipment in the normal state or the best state, and to produce the product to achieve the best quality. It can be said that there is not a lot of good weighing sensor, modern production has lost its foundation. So, weighing sensor will be in this intelligent production industry will have a bright future.