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Wiring Diagram Of Weighing Sensor
Dec 28, 2017

Wiring diagram of weighing sensor

The load cell is composed of a combined S-beam structure and a metal foil strain gauge, which has an overload protection device. High measurement accuracy, good temperature characteristics, stable work and other advantages. It is widely used in the dynamic and static measurement of various structures and a variety of electronic weighing instruments.

The weighing or carrying truck is placed on the platform, under the gravity effect, the scale table will transfer gravity to the elastomer support, so that the weighing sensor elastomer deformation, attached to the elastic body strain gauge bridge loss of balance, output and weight data proportional differential voltage signal, the differential voltage signal amplification by linear amplifier. After the conversion of A/d to digital signal, the instrument of the microprocessor (CPU) on the weight of the signal calculation, decoding and other processing directly display weight data.

is one or more elastomers that can deform after force, and the electric bridge circuit (such as Wheatstone Bridge) which can induce the resistance strain gage of this shape variable, and the three major parts of the force sensor which can be fixed on the elastomer with the resistance strain gage and can transmit the variable and the sealant of the protective electronic circuit. To put it simply, the strain gage is attached to the elastomer, and when the elastomer is deformed, the strain gage is also deformed, and the resistance value of the strain gage is changed to achieve the measurement purpose.

Load cell can be used in two different input and output wiring methods: One is four-wire system connection method, the other is a six-wire method (shown in Figure 1). The weighing sensor of the four-line method has no special requirements for two meters, but it is easy to use, but when the cable line is longer, it is susceptible to the fluctuation of ambient temperature. The weighing sensor of six-wire method requires the feedback input interface with the two instruments used, but it is not easy to be influenced by the factors such as ambient temperature fluctuation, and has certain advantages in precision measurement and long-distance measurement.

In weighing equipment, four-line sensors are more, if you want to six-line sensor to the four-line sensor equipment, you can put feedback positive and incentive are connected together, feedback negative and incentive negative, received together. Signal line to note that the red and white on the two types of sensors on the corresponding output signal is different.