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  • 3kg Flat Bem Load Cell

    3kg Flat Bem Load CellLCT 3kg flat beam load cell is a small load cell,the material is aluminum alloy.The surface is anodic.It mainly used for process weighing application where 2 load cells are used per scale. The structure is very small,thin and beautiful.Read More

  • micro structure/Personal Scale Load Cell/Miniature Load Cell LAA-B4

    micro structure/Personal Scale Load Cell/Miniature Load Cell LAA-B4Parellel bending beam/miniature load cell,matched output,aluminum alloy construction with surface anodized.Mainly used for low profile platform scales,personal scales,postal scales etc.Read More

  • Miniature Sensor For Household Scale

    Miniature Sensor For Household ScaleSmall construction,miniature sensor with anodized.The size is 6*9*45mm.Mainly used for small good to weigh.It has good performance,quality and apperance.What's more,it is very cost-effective.Read More