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Residual Stress Strain Gauge

Residual Stress Strain Gauge

LCT strain gauge CF120-CD-B was made of constantan/evamohm foil and phenolic.Used for force measuring,stress analysis.

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Model: CF120-1.5CD-B

Brand: LCT

Grid Material: Constantan/Evamohm foil

Carrier Material: Phenolic

Application: For force measuring,stress analysis

Feature: Delta Rorette Pattern;120 ohm

Origin: XIAMEN,China

Strain Gauge Features

  • Gage patterns designed for determining principle stresses and strains

  • All patterns have three grids oriented at 0°,60°and 120°angles

  • Both stacked and planar constructions available

Strain Gauge Description

This type strain gauge is very small,the grid size is 1.5*1.0mm,the carrier dim is φ9.8mm.This strain gauge used for stress analysis with 0°,60°and 120°angles.Leadwire selection:enameled wire,silver-jacketed wire and rubber wire.The longest leadwire leagth is 30cm.There are 4 extension wire to be selected:PVC wire,2-wire paralleled PVC wire,3-wire paralleled PVC wire and shielded cable.And whatever wire length is OK.

 Strain Gage Designation System





  • * Constantan foil could be Self-temperature compensation;

  • ** Evanohm foil could be self elastic modulus compensation;

  • *** For coaxial with multi-grid selection.

 Technical Parameter



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