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Dual-grid Linear Pattern Strain Gauge GB-A

Dual-grid Linear Pattern Strain Gauge GB-A

Gage patterns designed for measuring strain in a single direction,Single-grid and parallel dual-grid patterns.

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Product Details


Model: GB-A

Brand: LCT

Grid Material: Evamohm foil

Carrier Material: Phenolic

Application: For high accuracy load cell,force measuring,stress analysis

Feature: Dual-axial Linear Pattern;1000 ohm

Origin: Xiamen ,China


  • Gage patterns designed for measuring strain in a single direction

  • Single-grid and parallel dual-grid patterns

LCT's strain gauges are made of either constantan foil or evanohm foil and phenolic resin,they are flexible and simply peration.Mostly 350Ω/650Ω/700Ω/1000Ω/2500Ω/3000Ωstrain gauges are designed for sensor or transducer application.
As using the special base material by ourself (LCT),ensure to non-linearity and hystersis of strain gauges be excellent;Precised seal structure is benefit to load cells be good stability for long-term;With advantages of self-temperature and creep compensation,which could be used for manufacturing load cells Class 0.02.
All 60Ω/120Ωand part of 350Ωstrain gauges are with advantage of self-compensation,good stability and flexible.They are specially designed for stress analysis,which can be used for micromeasurement.Customized product services are provided.
 Strain Gage Designation System




  • * Constantan foil could be Self-temperature compensation;

  • ** Evanohm foil could be self elastic modulus compensation;

  • *** For coaxial with multi-grid selection.

Technical Parameter


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